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138 N 1175 W
Logan, UT 84321


Athlonic Sports, the sports training equipment company, manufactures and distributes athletic training equipment, including the Wheeler Dealer soft toss machines for baseball and softball; the Zip Net; and the Hurricane Net; and other sports training equipment.

Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Drills

Soft Toss drills you can use with your Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine for baseball and softball.

Speed Up Drill

John Meade

The SPEED-UP DRILL is a fantastic power building muscle memory drill to use with the Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine.

  • One complete cycle of balls (28 baseballs, 17 softballs) is hit at a slow, comfortable interval.
  • When the cycle completed the machine is loaded again and the control is set to a faster interval.
  • In all, four cycles are recommended, decreasing the time interval between each.

At the end of the last cycle the hitter should be drained.