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138 N 1175 W
Logan, UT 84321


Athlonic Sports, the sports training equipment company, manufactures and distributes athletic training equipment, including the Wheeler Dealer soft toss machines for baseball and softball; the Zip Net; and the Hurricane Net; and other sports training equipment.

Zip Sac by Athlonic

Sports Training Equipment

Sports Training Equipment manufactured in the United States for all skill levels.

Zip Sac by Athlonic


Zip Sac by Athlonic


The Zip Sac is the best way to practice all types of throwing. It is an ideal throwing aid for baseball players and softball players of all ages. 

Use to practice pitching techniques, throwing form and to warm up your arm before a game. 

The Zip Sac is a great tool to get muscle memory and to use indoors during the off-season, or to get a few extra throws in while watching your favorite TV show.

*Ball not included

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